6 Ways to Bring Tourists to your Business

If you’re not bringing tourists into your business, you’re missing out on a huge source of revenue. Everyone loves to visit Florida to escape the dreary northern climate. Since those people aren’t local though, they might not know how to find your store or restaurant.

If you want to bring more tourists into your business and boost your profits, Emerald Coast Signs has some bright ideas on how to get them in the door.

Signs bring tourists into your business at the Beach

1. Add a monument sign

Monument signs are easy to spot from afar, especially if you’re not in a place with foot traffic. They have an enduring quality to them and you can add them out by the road. Tourists driving by in their rental cars can see it and turn into your parking lot without passing you by.

2. Create a window display that garners attention

For businesses that are in a path of heavy foot traffic, a window sign that’s either painted on or a prominent portion installed in your front window, can really draw them in. You should also make whatever can be seen from the sidewalk through the window attractive. Whether you have a store with souvenirs or a cozy café, making it look enticing to those that are on foot will give you better results.

3. Add a menu board

Something as simple as a chalk board display detailing your specials in nice lettering can be all the nudging tourists need to come on in from the heat and cool off in your store. If you’re offering a free small coffee with every sandwich purchase for example, you’ll get plenty of tourists coming in.

4. Put a sign in the parking lot

If your business is in a shopping plaza, you can get more tourists to come in by moving a sign out to the parking lot. Banners or even parking signs get lots of attention and let people know that you’re there and open for business.

5. Get a professional exterior sign

Wherever you’re located, you can benefit from having a professional exterior sign installed. Whether you go for dimensional letters or a wall sign, it will get noticed and attract plenty of tourists to come on in.

6. Try a portable electronic sign

One of the absolute best ways to get tourists to come in droves is to invest in an electronic sign. Putting on at your entryway is ideal for foot traffic, though if you’re in a big plaza, you can do well with a portable one that you can program with different messages to attract tourists off the road. Restaurants with drink or early bird specials always fare best when they try this approach. Tourists and even locals will pay attention to the sign which will entice them through your door.

Emerald Coast Signs can help you bring in more tourists with proper signage in the Crestview, Destin, Freeport, FL area. Call today to set up an appointment to discover which types of signs will boost your business!